Important Information About Termites: What Causes This Pest?

There are three types of termites -the dampwood, the drywood and the subterranean species. The three species are found in different areas of the country but all require professional termites extermination to remedy the solution if they decide to make your home their own. It is important to get an excerpt to the home quickly if you notice or suspect termites. These small pests are responsible for billion in damages in homes every single year. You are probably curious to learn why termites were attracted to your home in the first place, if you suspect their presence.

Why Termites?

Termites enjoy wood, but they each have one specific type of wood they prefer over the next. The dampwood and drywood species look for wet or dry woods as their name suggests while the subterranean termite lives in soil and will infest any type of wood that he comes into contact with in the soil. It is possible for a homeowner to bring in termites from wood or timber or due to high moisture content in the wood. This can be due to foundation damage, crack in the building, etc.

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Can You Stop the Problem?

There are a few things that you can do to keep a problem with this pest at bay. First, make sure that you do not allow damp or moist wood to build around the house. This is the perfect breeding ground for termites. You should also make sure that you clean the gutters and the downspouts regularly to prevent any problems with water leaking back into the foundation, where massive damage can occur.

Do Not Delay the Call

But, the most important step to take to get back your home is a call to a professional termites extermination company. The experts know how to identify termites, their nests, and the right techniques to quickly rid them from your home. They offer several solutions to choose from, each offering its own pros and cons and price point. Your pest control expert will discuss with you each of these options when you call for a professional.