What Affects the Cost of Home Insurance?

Before you sign on the dotted line of a new home insurance policy, learn the factors that impact the costs of that policy.  Learning the cost factors can help you minimize the money that you spend for coverage, as long as the time to find the cheapest homeowners insurance quotes is also taken.

Coverage Amount

Homeowners insurance coverage amounts make it easy to protect homes of all sizes and of all value. The coverage amount selected does, however, impact the costs of your insurance coverage.

Age of Home

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Older homes are usually more expensive to insure than newly-built homes. The increased coverage costs are due to the susceptibility of older homes after wear and tear over the years.

Credit Score

Most insurance companies use your credit score to help determine the costs of your coverage. As expected, the better your credit score, the better the rates for your coverage.

House Size

The larger the home, the more expensive the coverage. After all, there is more to protect when the home is large in size. Additionally, homes with more expensive features (i.e. the roof, siding, etc.) cost more to insure.


Dangerous pets, like pit bulls, may cause an increase in the cost of your home insurance policy. The likelihood is increased if your pet has a history of biting people.

Home Location

Not only does the city and state the home is located in affect the coverage rates, so does its location to fire hydrants and fire stations. Home situated closely to such locations are cheaper to insure since there is always help nearby.

Insurance Company

Dozens of insurance companies offer homeowners coverage, though it isn’t advisable to insure with the first name that comes along. No two insurance agencies charge the same rates for their coverage. This is why it is so important to compare the options before selecting a policy.

There are many factors that impact the amount of money you’ll spend to purchase home insurance. This includes the factors above and many others as well. Do not risk devastation by failing to insure your home, but do not rush into the purchase and spend more money for a policy than necessary. Let this information guide you toward a budget-friendly, highly-effective policy and get your cheapest homeowners insurance quote without delay.