Nest-site detection and estimation of avian reproductive outcome from GPS-tracking data

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Increased absence from the nest site in individual glaucous gulls with high blood concentrations of OC suggests effects on reproductive behaviour. We speculate that endocrine disruption or neurological effects might be involved, leading to increased energetic costs during incubation and reduced reproductive output.

Life-history tradeoffs revealed by seasonal declines in reproductive traits of Arctic-breeding shorebirds. J. Avian Biol. 49 DOI. Using local dispersal data to reduce bias in annual apparent.

His expertise and interests are in quantitative analysis of ecological data with specific emphasis in avian systems and the estimation of demographic. and MP Herzog. waterbird nest-site selection.

In little crake, the multi-scale model indicated vegetation density and water depth at the territory scale, as well as vegetation height at nest-site scale. which would allow for the highest.

We use GPS-tracking data to contrast the foraging behaviour and habitat selection. which experiences high rainfall and lower light-levels during the breeding-period. This study suggests that avian.

A fundamental component of avian fecundity is the nesting cycle, which is a series of stages related to a single nesting attempt ().The breeding season is the period containing the set of all successful and failed nest cycles attempted by the females in a population in a single year ().The breeding pool is the set of females in the population that attempt to breed at least once in a given year.

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Here, we introduce a method to locate breeding attempts and estimate their outcome from avian GPS-tracking data, implemented in the R package ‘nestR’. We identified nest sites based on the analysis of recursive movements of breeding individuals acting as central place foragers.

Estimating reproductive performance is central to the understanding of population dynamics. In the case of birds, nesting success is typically measured through nest monitoring [1] . Nest monitoring delivers a direct and reliable estimation of parameters such as nest survival [2] , and the presence of nestlings [3] and fledglings [4] .

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Modeling avian detection probabilities as a function of habitat using double-observer point count data proceedings of the Second International Wildlife Management Congress, held June 28 – July 2, 1999, Godollo, Hungary.

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